What’s new at Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

Hello Everyone

It has been a while since we posted anything but as you all know life is busy and we have been extremely busy here at Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic.

Back in April we invited to out Team Suzie. So next few months were very busy helping her out to learn new skills and fit well into a team. In June she has completed her Dental Nurse Induction training at Inverness Health Centre and is now waiting for her SVQ in Dental Nursing to start in a next few months. In the meantime she is learning lots of new things “in house” and most of you have seen her in action already.

Beginning of the year have seen us all getting ready for new GDPR regulation coming live in May. To ensure your details are safe and safely stored we have tighten our security protocols and got additional training to make sure we follow the most up to date advice.  So please bear with us asking extra question when you make appointment over the phone as we need to be able to confirm your identity. For the same reason our emails might come across a bit plain as we will try to answer your questions or notify you about something without being too specific. However when you are in for your appointment we can do in as much details as you wish.


April was a busy month with education. Dr Simon Milbauer attended ITI UK & Ireland Dental Implant Conference in London to make sure that all of you have access to the same dental implant treatment as Londoners .  However Dr Agnieszka did not stay behind and in May jetted off to London to work on creative makeover skills. We have already seen the skills coming int life with amazing results. Just look at our dental nurse Alex’s teeth. She loves them .

But that’s not all as next we were off to Birmingham  Dental Conference to bring even more ideas to the Clinic.

One of the novelties we brought back was 6 different flavours of toothpaste:

  • Grapefruit & bergamot
  • peach & apricot
  • watermelon
  • gin tonic &persimmon
  • blackberry & liquorice
  • apple & aloe 2018--BE-YOU Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

We also introduced new apple flavour toothpaste for kids who really struggle with mint in their toothpaste.


Colgate Electric Toothbrush

Few weeks ago we were blogging about newest top of the range Philips toothbrush. But what if don’t necessarily want to spend £360 on sonic toothbrush but still want the results? We have an answer right here and its simple Colgate electric toothbrush !

With Colgate ProClinical 250 you get a really nice, funky, modern looking ultra light toothbrush with a range of features every decent toothbrush should have.

So what is it all about and how much is it you ask?

The Colgate ProClinical 250+ electric toothbrush uses two distinct sonic cleaning motions – up-down and side-to-side, for healthier teeth and gums. Its slim, sleek design is similar to that of a manual toothbrush while its sonic vibrations clean with the power of an electric toothbrush to remove plaque and surface stains.

That’s how Colgate summarized it.

It’s only £25 which is a very good price for a very efficient sonicare toothbrush. And to make it even better this month we give away full size Colgate toothpaste with it.



Now, that sounds good enough for us so we have decided to introduce this toothbrush as a new addition to our Clinic Stock.

It comes in 2 colours so there is something for everyone. You can go white, black or pink.



My year at Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

For this blog we have asked one of our Dental Nurses Alice Gatenby to take us through her experience working at Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic.

Here is what she says…

“Since January 2016, I have been a part of wonderful team at Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic. Last June I began studying towards my SVQ in dental nursing. I attended College twice a month at the Centre for Health Science in Inverness. Attending College was great. It allowed me to gain a better understanding of why we, the nurses, and the dentists do the things we do and why. It really just made everything fall into place. (more…)

Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart

Your Perfect Smile , Cosmetic dentistry Inverness

We all keep asking the same question: Which electric toothbrush is the best? Oral B, Philips, Colgate …… So today I would like to concentrate on one of the newest additions to electric toothbrushes world Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart .

You may ask what so different about it ? Lets see what manufacturer promises under a name of  “Complete system for a healthier mouth”

 Five modes which cover a range of brushing needs:

  • Clean mode for exceptional daily cleaning,
  • White+  for removing stains,
  • Deep Clean+ for invigorating deep clean,
  • Gum Health for gentle yet effective clean for gums,
  • Tongue Care for the perfectly cleaned tongue and fresh breath                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Three intensities allow you to choose between a higher setting to boost your clean and a lower one for more sensitive mouth.


Quick Straight Teeth

This summer we have decided to take teeth straightening to the whole new level with Quick Straight Teeth System.

It is the newest system we offer with superior quality and esthetics and what might be even more important for some of you with a NEW super price!

Only £2000 for a single arch and only £2400 for top and bottom teeth. Braces prices have never been so GOOD! (more…)

Warranty on dental treatment

Did you ever wonder about warranty on dental treatment? Did you ask you dentist how long guarantee you get on your dental work, filling, crown, bridge, implant?

What did you expect to hear ? 5 years, 10 year, lifetime?

Were you surprised that the answer was actually different then what you expected.

So, let’s try to explain why that is a case.

When it comes to dental restorations of any kind the most important thing to understand is that we are dealing with very unpredictable human body.

Your filling , crown or implant is made out of solid material which most of the times will stay intact for years but will your tooth , gum or bone be the same? The answer is simple – IT WILL NOT .

So, if your tooth is decayed, your gum is inflamed, bleeding, receding or bone is disappearing you need to expect that  your beautiful new filling, crown , bridge , or implant will be compromised too. And it’s not because it’s faulty but because whatever holds it in place is compromised.

Decay is caused but multiple factors but there is a simple prevention which is right in your hands, reduce sweeties and brush your teeth.

Bleeding gums are the symptoms of the gum disease and it is not a hereditary disease as some patients thinks.   So  you do not have it because your parents had it, You have it simply because your brushing is not as good as you would like to think.

Receding gums are not an accident either. They will be associated with grinding, clenching, malocclusion ( bad bite) or incorrect brushing technique most commonly brushing hard in horizontal way with hard toothbrush.

As for the bone related problems they can be caused by poor oral hygiene,  general health and diseases like osteoporosis, some medications or grinding and clenching.


So after reading that ….

Did you noticed that future of your restorations in actually in your hands? With that in mind why would you expect a guarantee to cover your mistakes, you biting on something what you should not, using teeth for what they are not design to do like package opening, or simply not brushing well enough?


If you simply take care of your teeth and gums you have to worry about guarantee. You will not need it  as it’s all in your hands.







The importance of your dental check-up

So you’ve not had a  ‘dental check-up’  in a while?
What’s actually the point in a check-up? It’s a waste of money, right?! WRONG!!!

Time flies, does’t it? Before you know it maybe 6 months, a year, maybe 2 years (gasp) have passed since you last had your teeth checked.
Maybe you’ve been trying to arrange a ‘check up’ only to be told the nearest appointment is months down the line.
Or maybe you think you don’t need one because you’re teeth are absolutely fine, you’ve had no toothache and what’s the point in wasting money for 2 minute appointment just to be told everything is fine, see you next time.

Well firstly these should not be 2 minute appointments, they are important and you do need them regularly…. here’s why. (more…)

Antibiotics for toothache


Using antibiotic for toothache has been an issue for a very long time. Recently published survey results show overprescribing antibiotics by GP for dental problems as many patients head on to GP surgery for help. Research clearly shows that over half of the patients who visited GP in last 10 years for dental problem instead of undergoing dental treatment chosen to use antibiotic often unnecessarily.  Fact is that most of dental problems cannot be comprehensively addressed by GP and they do not have instruments, knowledge, practice and experience to do so.

Whatever reasons are behind that the bottom line is they will not help so you are very likely going to end up in bigger trouble that you already are.


How much are braces?

how much are braces Inverness

How much are braces?

That is the most common question about braces. Since we all expect braces to be a treatment that comes with a high price tag it is only fair to ask.

Braces come with many different prices. They vary a lot depending on Clinician skills and training,  system used, wherever they are hidden on a back of the teeth, or on the front or whenever upper and lower or just one arch is treated . Very often estimated cost of treatment is created in quite complex way listing different stage or different elements specific to the system. It easy to get confused by all those fancy technical language and we may also forget to ask if there are any extras on the top of that. That can land us in trouble as we may not expect that simple things like follow up appointments or emergency appointments are chargeable on a top of braces price. We may also not expect that retainer required end of the treatment comes with additional price and is not included in treatment itself.

So, to make it easy to understand for our clients how braces prices are working we created a package price.


New Year New Smile

new year new smile

Did you make you New Year’s resolution yet? Something like New Year New Me New Smile ?

We all make them but it’s hard to keep them sometimes. We often plan to make change, buy something new, loose weight or get new smile. But is it all really happening ?

So we decided to help you out and create resolution simple to keep going. Let’s call it NEW Year New Smile (more…)