Wedding Day White Smile

wedding smile tips

Wedding wedding wedding  …planning….

Dress, venue, reception, food, flowers, wedding cake, groom, hair, nails, wedding gifts list, invitations, drinks, guest list, accommodation, transport, guest book, centrepieces, decor, colour scheme, hen do, stag do, wedding date, bridesmaids, bridesmaids dresses, wedding dress fittings, photographer …..

Ufff     ….. all done. Now you can rest and wait for THE BIG DAY.

Wait !  Oh No ! you have forgotten something ! Something very very important-  YOU have FORGOTTEN about your wedding SMILE 🙁


Smile Design

smile design

Smile design…

Smile design and teeth makeover ? Do you think about having one? Do you know what is hiding behind this term?

More and more patients decide that it is the time of they life they want to do something about their teeth. Most common reasons are crooked, broken, uneven, heavily filled teeth. End of the day its everyone dream to have nice white teeth. And why not?

So lets say you have decided to go for it. You made your initial appointment to discuss undergoing the treatment and getting a dream smile but what happens next. (more…)

0% Finance for dental treatment

budget_jar, 0% Finance, dental treatment

So you have decided you want a treatment …  or you know you need it,  but you are worrying about payments for it. How do you go around it? Is there even a way to repay for the treatment without stressing out?

Of course it is ! Don’t worry !

We want our clients to be as comfortable with paying for their treatment as they are in having it and that’s why we offer everyone our fantastic finance options.
Spreading the cost means you don’t have to worry about saving for treatment, or feel under pressure to pay at each appointment- you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new smile! (more…)

Goodbye 2013….. It’s been great!

Happy-New-Year from Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

As the last few hours of 2013 loom we can’t help but look back and realise what a great year it was for us here at YPSDC.
Our 2 fabulous nurses, Sheree and Amy passed their course with flying colours and earned their Dental Nurse qualifications. We are all so proud at how hard they worked throughout their course and the dedication they put in.
We have recently welcomed a new Trainee Nurse to the team, Alexandra and she has fitted right in and feels like a part of the furniture already!
We said a sad farewell to our Clinic Manager Lisa this month and wish her all the best in her new venture and we’ll have a peppermint tea on stand-by for the visits she has promised us. (more…)

Sensitive teeth


Tooth sensitivity is never fun, especially when it’s caused by your favourite food and drink, be it hot, cold, sweet or acidic.

Most likely it  is caused by the gradual exposure of the softer part of your tooth that lies under the tooth enamel, called “dentine”.

Dentine has tiny tubes (‘tubules’) that lead to the nerve and are filled with fluid. Eating or drinking foods and drinks that are hot, cold or sweet can cause a change in fluid movement. This fluid movement causes the nerve endings to react in response, triggering a short, sharp pain. (more…)

Before and After. See how your smile could look in 5 minutes! Smile imaging for help.

Smile before and after

“Before and after” Can you really see what your smile could look like before you decide if you want any treatment? Before  you even sit on a dental chair?

It almost sounds too good to be true !

But Yes ! It is possible now  with a computer software which lets you see how great your smile can look with the click of a button.
Ever wondered how you would look with that gap closed?
With your teeth a bit whiter?
A bit bigger, smaller, longer, shorter?
How about those discoloured or amalgam fillings replaced?
Well now you can!
We are so excited with our latest piece of equipment….. Snap! (more…)

It’s Awards Time- Best Private Practice

We are delighted to have been nominated for 4 categories in the prestigious  Dentistry Scotland Awards 2013. The awards are in place to recognise outstanding achievements and excellence in Scotlands dental practices. The awards we are in the running for are:

Best Private Practice
Best Dental Team
Best Patient Care
Practice of the Year – North

We are also able to announce that we have made it to the shortlist in the category of Best Practice as part of the nationwide Dentistry Awards 2013 and Practice of the Year – North at the Private Dentistry Awards 2013.


Which toothpaste do I choose? Everyday dilemma

Is toothpaste on your shopping list this week?
Have you looked at the selection on the supermarket shelves lately? I typed ‘toothpaste’ into a well-known supermarket online shop and no less than 118 options were available….. 118!!

Toothpastes all have a common aim – to clean teeth. By cleaning teeth you remove food debris and any plaque which is forming. Plaque needs to be removed to decrease the risk of decay and gum disease. Companies spend huge amounts of money for scientists and dental experts to formulate the toothpastes we have available today.

So, where do you even start to decide which one to use? Maybe one you’ve used for 20 years, or whichever one’s on offer at half price, or the one that promises you’ll have a Hollywood smile in a week?
Sometimes it’s easy just to stick with what we know but it’s time to think of your dental needs – a little change could be just the thing your teeth and gums need.

Denture on Implants / implant retained denture

Recently we have written about all the challenges which come with having a full denture and briefly advised about the denture on implants option.

If you know someone struggling with a denture or in need of one and petrified of getting it, this is something you should definitely read.

We’ve all heard about dental implants but still many people wrongly think that if all teeth are missing already or are about to be removed it’s too late for dental implants.

If you are one of them here is a good news- It’s not too late at all. It’s the perfect time to take full advantage of them and avoid dealing with loose, “living its own life inside your mouth” false teeth.

Missing teeth? Denture or Implants- What do I need to know?

Deciding on what to do when teeth are missing or we are about to lose them can be the toughest decision to make.

Not so long ago the only choice the patient had was to get a full acrylic denture. And yes, as much as we usually don’t like the idea of a denture soaking in the glass on the bedside table, it is a cheap and fast way of restoring missing teeth.

The question we have to ask ourselves when we make this type of decision is: Are we going to be happy with a denture?