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The importance of your dental check-up

So you’ve not had a  ‘dental check-up’  in a while?
What’s actually the point in a check-up? It’s a waste of money, right?! WRONG!!!

Time flies, does’t it? Before you know it maybe 6 months, a year, maybe 2 years (gasp) have passed since you last had your teeth checked.
Maybe you’ve been trying to arrange a ‘check up’ only to be told the nearest appointment is months down the line.
Or maybe you think you don’t need one because you’re teeth are absolutely fine, you’ve had no toothache and what’s the point in wasting money for 2 minute appointment just to be told everything is fine, see you next time.

Well firstly these should not be 2 minute appointments, they are important and you do need them regularly…. here’s why. (more…)