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Are you embarassed about your smile?

Are you too embarassed to smile ?

Did you know that it wasn’t until recent years cosmetic dental treatment became a popular option? For years talking about teeth was seen as voodoo and an uncool topic of conversation.

Words frequently used to describe going to the dentist are “scary” “uncomfortable” and “stressful”. Did you know that feeling this way about the dentist is actually quite common? This type of experience is what is described as a “dental phobia” or in other words, fear of the dentist or teeth itself. Dental phobia can have a bad affect on a person mentally and physically. Normally it’s started from a bad experience from childhood, either at the dentist or from bullying. Poor thoughts of teeth can stop a person from attending normal examinations and hygiene appointments and stop them from smiling, or cause avoidance of social situations, and can even stop a person from getting a career of their choice. (more…)