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Why should my child wear a mouthguard while playing sports?


Did you know that childhood sporting accidents are a leading factor in cosmetic dental treatment later in life?  At some point in our childhood we’ve all fallen over and hurt ourselves playing some kind of sporting activity.

Have you ever knocked a tooth out or experienced another dental injury as a result of playing a sport? Did it hurt a lot? Did  you  go to the dentist to fix problems caused by sporting injuries? If you answered yes to these questions, would you want your child to experience this? (more…)

How to get kids to brush their teeth ?

how to get kids to brush their teeth

How to get kids to brush their teeth is an everyday dilemma of many parents. We all know it is important for kids to brush the teeth from early age to avoid all those trips to the dentist.  Yes, we still have to go for examination / check up appointments and dental hygiene appointments at least from time to time but are we not all hate hearing dentist saying ” you need a filling “??

So if we as adults are so afraid of those words we should do whatever it takes to save our kids from hearing it, shouldn’t we? (more…)