Same Day Teeth

What is Same Day Implants / Same Day Teeth?

This is a concept in which implant and prototype of your new crown/ bridge or denture will be placed during the same visit. In some complex cases like All-on-4  it might be also possible to remove your existing teeth, place implants and prototypes of your final teeth on the same visit. This treatment requires certain criteria to be met and suitability of this treatment for you will be discussed with you during your initial assessment.

What is All-on-4?

The All-on-4 treatment concept was developed to provide edentulous patients with an efficient and effective restoration using only four implants to support an immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis.


All-on-4 offers clinicians and their patients various clear benefits: All-on-4, teeth in a day, all on four - enquire today about our same day teeth service in Scotland

– Teeth fitted the same day
– Stability even in minimum bone volume
– Outstanding clinical results
– Increased efficiency of chewing
– Beautifully looking teeth

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