Is Dental treatment too expensive ?

Dental treatment – It’s too expensive!

How many times have you said this when your dentist’s told you you need a filling?
How many times have you heard your family or friends saying that?

But is this really the case? Is dental treatment too expensive ?

How many times do you go to your dental appointment with the hope your dentist will say it’s all ok and you don’t need anything done? And yes, if you do take care of your teeth well and make sure your oral hygiene is spot on you are very likely to hear this good news. However if your brushing is not that great and you do get frequent tartar build up and bleeding gums there is a likelihood you will develop cavities and need an occasional filling or even a crown.
Things can get worse if you need to lose the tooth and you have to start thinking about the cost of replacing the tooth which will vary depending on the solution you choose.

But let’s see if dental treatment is really as expensive as you may think.  (more…)

Do I need a retainer after braces ?

orthodontic fixed retainer Inverness

Most common question when it comes to braces and teeth straightening is retainer. Do I need retainer after braces ? Yes you do!

You know before your braces were fitted your teeth were fixed and did not show signs of mobility and shortly after braces were fitted you started feeling them becoming a bit wobbly. That is the result of teeth and their roots moving through the bone to the new position so you can have this new smile you always wanted.  Through the entire treatment they are attached to wire or sitting inside your aligner if you have chosen one of the invisible braces systems. Now imagne that this “guidance” is suddenly removed. (more…)

Toothache on Holidays!

Toothache on holidays! What a nightmare. Here’s some top tips to help prevent you ruining your time away because of toothache.

* Ensure routine examinations are up to date before setting off.
Your dentist may be able to spot any areas which look like they could potentially cause you a problem and will advise if treatment is recommended before you go.

* Try not to start treatment just before you go on holiday. Going away with a temporary solution such as a temporary crown is best avoided. These are temporary solutions and are therefore more at risk of breaking or becoming dislodged meaning you will be left with an unprotected tooth until you can get it treated. (more…)

How to get kids to brush their teeth ?

how to get kids to brush their teeth

How to get kids to brush their teeth is an everyday dilemma of many parents. We all know it is important for kids to brush the teeth from early age to avoid all those trips to the dentist.  Yes, we still have to go for examination / check up appointments and dental hygiene appointments at least from time to time but are we not all hate hearing dentist saying ” you need a filling “??

So if we as adults are so afraid of those words we should do whatever it takes to save our kids from hearing it, shouldn’t we? (more…)

Questions for the dentist



Too afraid to ask ? Think it’s a stupid question ? Don’t know if we can help ?

As dentists we possibly spend just as long answering questions and listening to our clients while discussing treatments as we do actually treating them.

As a dental clinic, the more we ask the more we understand and this helps us deliver the service and dental care you have come looking for.

Miguel de Cervantes once said ‘Every tooth in a mans head is more valuable than a diamond’ So we ask a lot of questions and we expect to answer a lot from you because we are here to help you look after these diamonds.

Here are just a few that we are often asked: (more…)

Are you embarassed about your smile?

Are you too embarassed to smile ?

Did you know that it wasn’t until recent years cosmetic dental treatment became a popular option? For years talking about teeth was seen as voodoo and an uncool topic of conversation.

Words frequently used to describe going to the dentist are “scary” “uncomfortable” and “stressful”. Did you know that feeling this way about the dentist is actually quite common? This type of experience is what is described as a “dental phobia” or in other words, fear of the dentist or teeth itself. Dental phobia can have a bad affect on a person mentally and physically. Normally it’s started from a bad experience from childhood, either at the dentist or from bullying. Poor thoughts of teeth can stop a person from attending normal examinations and hygiene appointments and stop them from smiling, or cause avoidance of social situations, and can even stop a person from getting a career of their choice. (more…)

Perfect Beauty at Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic


For a long time we’ve been creating Perfect Smiles and now it’s time to add to that package with some Perfect Beauty.
From a quick eyebrow wax, to Rockstar Nails to mesotherapy we are offering you the complete package with an impressive list of services in our new addition – newest beauty salon in Grantown on spey.

If you’ve been following our blogs you may have noticed we’ve been up to something! That secret little room we had tucked away, the planning, the decorating, the researching and most importantly finding the right beauticians to join the team and extend our high level of patient care and treatment into the beauty department…… it’s all been going on!
It took a while but we are certain we have found the right ladies and can’t wait for you all to meet Katie and Kasia. (more…)

Beaute Pacifique, Advanced Skin Care Range….. Coming Soon to Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic


It was by chance that we came across this amazing range called Beaute Pacifique. We were kindly given samples and after a few days we were hooked! Although the small pots were actually enough for a couple of weeks of treatment- we were devastated when they were finished and already shopping for more.
When we find something we love we want to share it with our clients and so we are now very excited to introduce the entire Beaute Pacifique range into both the Aviemore and Grantown Clinics.

We have been lucky enough to meet with the Beaute Pacifique team now on a few occasions and their passion for the range is unbelievable. Denise, Shirley and Andrew live, sleep and breath Beaute Pacifique. So who better to tell you a bit more about the range, the science behind it and the proof in the pudding, the skin scanner but Andrew from Beaute Pacifique…….. (more…)

Hello and Happy New Year from Fay – a new team member at Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic

Well, hello!

First things first, I would like to wish everyone a ‘Happy New Year’! I hope you all had a cheerful, festive period with the ones you love.

Some of you  might have noticed that I am the new addition to Your Perfect Smile, primarily in Grantown on Spey. For the past couple of months I’ve been learning the ropes of managing the patient lounge and looking after the clinic, occasionally popping over to Aviemore to see how Kerry manages the practice there.

With all honesty, I’ve never worked in the medical industry before, I’ve always dreamt of it – never had the courage previously to apply for it though. Needless to say it was a huge surprise that I was successfull in obtaining the job! The past couple of months have been a huge learning curve for me, it still seems bizarre even now that I’m throwing words like ‘anxiolytic’ around first thing in the morning. Does it bother me in the slightest? Not at all. This is a refreshing career change that has not only provided something to look forward to but the opportunity for challenge and development. (more…)

2014, you’ve been great- Bring on 2015!

Happy_New_Year_from Your Perfect Smile Aviemore Inverness

It seems like no time ago at all we waved goodbye to 2013 and were setting ourselves up for what 2014 was going to bring. And what a good year it was!

First and most importantly we have continued to build relationships with our clients and deliver world class dental care.
As well as our long-standing clients we have welcomed hundreds of new ones, thinking about treatment and choosing us to create their new smiles!
Introducing teeth straightening to our services attracted many new clients from the Highlands, Moray and beyond and it’s really great experiencing their journey with them. Seeing them every week for their refresh and review appointments, sharing their excitement at the progress of their treatment really does make it very rewarding for us. (more…)