What’s been happening and what’s new at Your Perfect Smile

It’s been busy busy busy at both clinics lately and a few changes going on so we thought we’d give you a brief catch up!

The team were at the MFR Wedding Experience in Elgin last week. Over 1000 people attended and it was great meeting so many brides, grooms and wedding-goers.
We talked to lots of people who had already been thinking about some smile makeover magic for the big day but also lots who hadn’t even considered it until chatting with us at the event last week. We run a competition on the day and Elaine Mair won the ZOOM Laser whitening that was up for grabs.

Dr Simon was away at some implant training over at Loch Lomond last month which meant he got to see parts of the country he hasn’t visited before.
He has been invited to Italy next month to speak at an International seminar which is fantastic and something he is really looking forward too.


Dental Sedation @ Dental Phobia

dental sedation- fear of dentist

Are you anxious about visiting dentist but you dream about having a great smile? Or maybe you now yu need some dental work done but anxiety overpowers you?

Being afraid of dentist means different things to different people. For some people it’s fear of needle, drill, pain, sounds or smell. For some idea of visiting dentist brings back memories of bad experence in the childhood.

If you feel this way then we have a solution for you! Its called Dental sedation.


You brush your teeth for how long ?!

teeth brush, teeth brushing toothbrush and smiling

Apparently a woman will spend 136 days getting ready, comparing to just 46 for a man. We will spend 5 months of our life complaining, 115 days laughing and 26 years sleeping!
It got me wondering how long we spend brushing our teeth.

If you brush your teeth for twice a day, for the recommended 2 minutes a time that’s 4 minutes a day, in a year that’s 1460 minutes. Lets put this into perspective, that’s a little over 24 hours…. a whole day brushing your teeth every year.

Now assuming you started brushing your teeth right from the start, say 6 months, and are lucky enough to keep your own teeth until you are say 80 years old, (with our help hopefully forever) that’s 80 entire days you will spend at a sink brushing your teeth!!!

So with all this time invested in brushing your teeth, you better make sure you’re doing it right! And that’s a lesson for another day 😉

Don’t forget your toothbrush!!!

Summer Holidays


No, we’re not talking about the 90’s Saturday night TV show hosted by Chris Evans. We’re talking about how it’s getting near that time, kids are breaking up from school, lot’s of things are happening and many of us are thinking about jetting off for some sun, fun, sea and maybe some sangria?!

Millions of us take to the skies this time of year but how many of us even think about what might happen if they have an emergency when they’re away? Particularly a dental emergency! While we can’t promise this wont happen to YOU we can give you some advice to hopefully minimise the chance of this happening and ruining your well earned holiday. (more…)

The Dentist

kids rotten teeth

Sitting, watching “The Dentist” on ITV tonight.  Shocking is the word which comes to mind.

Do people really think its ok to have rotten teeth?

It is a well known fact that Brits are known in the world for having bad teeth. Watching a direct action from Manchester Dental Hospital makes me think no wonder they have such a reputation. This documentary proves it is all true.

How on earth is it supposed to change any time soon if parents are not bothered by kids diet, lack of toothbrushing and kids rotten teeth which are ending up with multiple extractions. (more…)

Brushing Twice a day ?

teeth brushing advice from Your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic in AViemore

Brushing or not brushing, that’s a dilemma …  Even Shakespeare would not have this one popping into his head. So here’s the answer… YES YES YES !

But what is it really with this teeth brushing?   We hear everyday on TV , radio  in the magazines and from your dentist brush twice a day!

Brushing Twice a day? Hmmm (more…)

Glitz, Glam, Bubbly… oh, and a DCP STAR!


After a busy day at the Dental Show the day was far from over. On the Friday night Kerry and Amy were lucky enough to attend the Scottish Dental Awards. So with dresses and high heels on they set off for this years choice of venue, Glasgows Science Centre.
Greeted by a glass of bubbly and with everyone looking glam we were in for a good night!
A quick check of the seating plan and we off to Table 1. We were seated with a lovely group of four ladies from Cowal Community Care.
Our host for the evening was the likeable cheeky chappie Peter Martin, a Sky Sports presenter. He kicked the proceedings off to a good start, lightening the mood and definitely the tone. (more…)

Scottish Dental Show 2014. Event not to be missed!

Scottish Dental Show 2014

It’s a highlight in the diary of Scottish Dentistry so we had to be there!

This year seen a couple of changes for the Scottish Dental Show, firstly a change of venue, now at Braehead Arena in Glasgow, and secondly a slight change of event date which sadly meant that Simon and Agnieszka already had holiday arrangements so were unable to attend with the girls. Amy, Alex and Kerry were there representing YPSDC and enjoying all the show had to offer.

We really look forward to this event and this year certainly lived up to our expectations. On Thursday we bundled into Amy’s car and set off for Glasgow. A good nights sleep just a few miles from the venue meant we were up bright and early and ready to rock the Dental Show.