Warranty on dental treatment

Did you ever wonder about warranty on dental treatment? Did you ask you dentist how long guarantee you get on your dental work, filling, crown, bridge, implant?

What did you expect to hear ? 5 years, 10 year, lifetime?

Were you surprised that the answer was actually different then what you expected.

So, let’s try to explain why that is a case.

When it comes to dental restorations of any kind the most important thing to understand is that we are dealing with very unpredictable human body.

Your filling , crown or implant is made out of solid material which most of the times will stay intact for years but will your tooth , gum or bone be the same? The answer is simple – IT WILL NOT .

So, if your tooth is decayed, your gum is inflamed, bleeding, receding or bone is disappearing you need to expect that  your beautiful new filling, crown , bridge , or implant will be compromised too. And it’s not because it’s faulty but because whatever holds it in place is compromised.

Decay is caused but multiple factors but there is a simple prevention which is right in your hands, reduce sweeties and brush your teeth.

Bleeding gums are the symptoms of the gum disease and it is not a hereditary disease as some patients thinks.   So  you do not have it because your parents had it, You have it simply because your brushing is not as good as you would like to think.

Receding gums are not an accident either. They will be associated with grinding, clenching, malocclusion ( bad bite) or incorrect brushing technique most commonly brushing hard in horizontal way with hard toothbrush.

As for the bone related problems they can be caused by poor oral hygiene,  general health and diseases like osteoporosis, some medications or grinding and clenching.


So after reading that ….

Did you noticed that future of your restorations in actually in your hands? With that in mind why would you expect a guarantee to cover your mistakes, you biting on something what you should not, using teeth for what they are not design to do like package opening, or simply not brushing well enough?


If you simply take care of your teeth and gums you have to worry about guarantee. You will not need it  as it’s all in your hands.