Quick Straight Teeth

This summer we have decided to take teeth straightening to the whole new level with Quick Straight Teeth System.

It is the newest system we offer with superior quality and esthetics and what might be even more important for some of you with a NEW super price!

Only £2000 for a single arch and only £2400 for top and bottom teeth. Braces prices have never been so GOOD!

So what is it you ask?

  • It is a fixed bracket system so you don’t have to worry about remembering to wear it 😉
  • Brackets come as standard clear with coated white wire so no more “train tracks” for you
  • It blends in and appear nearly invisible in the mouth, giving you the ability to get straight teeth quickly, but without ugly, bulky braces. Most people will be unable to tell you are wearing Quick Straight Teeth™ invisible braces at all
  • Brackets are fully ceramic from well known American company 3M which is behind  many high tech solutions
  • The average treatment time is 6-12 months but for little changes, it will make a huge difference in just 4 months
  • No long waiting time between initial impression and braces fit like it’s usually with other systems
  • More affordable price compared to other systems

So what do you need to do next to get Quick Straight Teeth?


It’s Simple! Just come along for a consultation and see how we can make you smile again.

And to make it even better we offer payment plans!

  • pay as you go to spread payments over treatment time *
  • monthly DD for 12-60 months **

*minimum deposit 10%

** Subject to approval