How much are braces?

how much are braces Inverness

How much are braces?

That is the most common question about braces. Since we all expect braces to be a treatment that comes with a high price tag it is only fair to ask.

Braces come with many different prices. They vary a lot depending on Clinician skills and training,  system used, wherever they are hidden on a back of the teeth, or on the front or whenever upper and lower or just one arch is treated . Very often estimated cost of treatment is created in quite complex way listing different stage or different elements specific to the system. It easy to get confused by all those fancy technical language and we may also forget to ask if there are any extras on the top of that. That can land us in trouble as we may not expect that simple things like follow up appointments or emergency appointments are chargeable on a top of braces price. We may also not expect that retainer required end of the treatment comes with additional price and is not included in treatment itself.

So, to make it easy to understand for our clients how braces prices are working we created a package price.

What is a package price?

Package price is simply  ” all in” approach to the braces treatment. That means that everything what you need from start to the finish is included in the package. No hidden or additional charges applies.

 What is included in the package?

• Initial consultation
• Photos throughout treatment to follow treatment progress
• OPT – large size x-ray showing all your teeth and roots position, can also help detecting hidden problems
• Cleaning of the teeth prior to braces fit
• Braces fit appointment
• Detailed advice on Oral hygiene while you wear braces
• Hygiene starter pack
• Orthodontic relief wax to help you out during first few days of discomfort
• All follow up appointments including “tightening”
• Emergency appointments in case bracket is lost or elastic o-ring breaks
• FREE Bracket replacement if anything breaks
• Any overnight or cross arch elastics you may need at some point during treatment
• Hygiene appointments during treatment
• Braces Off appointment
• Fixed retainer ( excluding Invisible braces systems)
• Removable retainer
• Final teeth repolishing
• Post Braces review appointment
• Final photos
• Online support throughout treatment especially if you leave far from the Clinic
• Flexibility of the appointments including late night appointments and Saturday appointments

So If we say to you during FREE consultation that your braces package is £2500 that means everything from start to finish is covered by this quotation. And the best part is ……. you do not need to pay it all at once!  We only ask for 10% deposit on braces fit appointment and rest can be paid in affordable stages either over a treatment time or is small monthly instalments up to 60 months.

Sounds good ! So book your FREE consultation right here right now ! And start your journey to better, straighter smile now !