Braces for teeth straightening

Do you have crooked , uneven, misaligned teeth ? Are you afraid to smile?

Do you even remember when have you really smiled last time withou covering your mouth?

And what about photos ? Any photos with smiley face showing off your teeth?

No? Hmmm

You are not alone. Many people are very concious about their less then perfectly aligned teeth.

Teeth straightening is currently the most popular cosmetic treatment.

So lets say you have decided that its time do something about your crooked teeth. What comes next?

Most likely you will start to google some info to find out what options do you have, will you?

Here is a bit of the summary to help you out consider your choices.

 Removable appliances

There is a range of removable appliances . One of the popular types is Inman Aligner other ones are basted on clear aligners technology with Invisalign being the most commonly used .










Fixed braces

This part can be really confusing. There is plenty different systems available.

So lets try to give you basics for now.

– Traditional comprehensive orthodontic treatment available from orthodontist so called “train tracks” with average treatment time 18months

– Cosmetically focused short term orthodontics  with average treatment time 6 months like Six Months Smiles, C-fast, Quick Straight Teeth

– Lingual braces – fixed braces placed on back surface of the teeth to make them less visible like Incognito System.


six-month-smiles-Your Perfect Smile tooth_alignment_triodentQuick straigh teeth Incognito-II