New Year New Smile

new year new smile

Did you make you New Year’s resolution yet? Something like New Year New Me New Smile ?

We all make them but it’s hard to keep them sometimes. We often plan to make change, buy something new, loose weight or get new smile. But is it all really happening ?

So we decided to help you out and create resolution simple to keep going. Let’s call it NEW Year New Smile

1. Brush and Floss your teeth minimum twice a day.

It’s really vital for the teeth and gums to keep them clean and healthy. Plaque contains acid and bacteria which are very damaging to both your teeth causing decay and your gums causing gum disease.

2. Drink water instead of juice or fizzy drinks.

Water is great for the teeth and gums and will keep your smile healthy. Unfortunately all fizzy drinks and juice are well know for sugar content and acid content which are both very destructive to your teeth.

3. Reduce smoking, tea, coffee and red wine

We would happily say stop smoking but we understand it might be difficult or you are not quite ready for it yet. Smoking leaves really bad black difficult to remove staining which simply makes your teeth looking black ! Simmilar to smoking tea and coffee leave yellow staining on your teeth making it looking yellow.  And now as for a read wine not only will stain your teeth but its also acidic which basicaly means it softens your teeth.

4. Buy electric toothbrush.

There is not really a manual toothbrush which can compete with electric one. You may have a chance to keep the teeth clean using manual toothbrush if you are very vigilant and always stick to the rutine, required time and technique no matter what but a reality us most of us are not ! If you ever found youself even thinking “I canot be bothered brushing” or that you are too tired and your 2 minutes brushing ended after 20 seconds just simply buy electric toothbrush.  Even if you just hold it in the mouth and move along the teeth a fact that head moves on its own will result in much better clean then doing the same with you manual toothbrush.


5. Visit your dentist every 6 months.

Is that really too much to ask? Have a think about the benfits. You will get your teeth cleaned and checked on regular basis so if you have a tartar and plaque build up it will be professionaly removed and you will have a fresh start  cleaning. Also this staining you hate on your teeth will be gone with polish or air polish. As for a possible treatment… I know we don’t like to hear that we need a filling but let’s be honest ! Would you rather need a small filling or loose the tooth?…..