New and Exciting 2018 Year with Fastbraces and Quick Straight teeth


We have not been writing for a while now so we will try to get you up to date with what’s new at YPSDC.

First of all New Year brought us some changes.

Lesley who you will all remember from the Front Desk duties both in Aviemore and Grantown on Spey, decided to take a next step in her life and moved away to follow the new adventure. We wish her all the best in her new home down south and hope that from time to time she will pop in for a tea and coffee while visiting family.

To make sure that things are still running smoothly we have started a process of finding someone new who would fit the team well. After looking into all cv’s coming in and believe us there was lot of them the whole team decided that there is one person who we all believe will be a great fit for the team . So we have decided to pick  someone who you may know – Jamie Mackillop.

Things got busy training Jamie to allow her to  help you all out with day to day enquiries, booking appointment and understanding not an easy medical/ dental side of things.

To top up excitement  Dr Agnieszka Milbauer has been awarded a Master Provider in Fastbraces and became the very first Master Provider in North Scotland.


Fastbraces Master provider Inverness, Aviemore

But that’s not all. Just last week Dr Agnieszka has been rewarded a Bronze provided by Quick Straight Teeth.

bronze provider Quick Straight teeth